CUNESCU, BALACIU & ASOCIAŢII grew through its people, the members of the attorneys-at-law team. Everyone joining our team will realize that our working approach is based on self-esteem and team cooperation, nurtured by our common vision on the law practice importance. We are well aware of the fact that, the way we work and how we build up relationships, are key factors not only for us, but for our clients, too.
Our offices offer a spacious working environment, suitable for meetings, discussions or, if needed, a private space where we can focus on our work. We always care about the working space being functional for everyone. We encourage self-determination, creativity, dialogue and pro-activeness.

Vacancy for Senior Lawyer

• expertise and practise in litigation domain min. 7-8 years
• experience in collaborating with law firms
• English proficient user
Selected candidates only will be invited to interview.